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What are some creative and Instagram-worthy ideas for taking a perfect airport travel selfie before a flight?

The first airport selfie was taken in 1954 by a man named Harold Rosenberg at the Idlewild Airport, now known as JFK Airport.

The best time to take an airport selfie is during the "golden hour," the hour after sunrise or before sunset, for optimal natural lighting.

Taking an airport selfie while holding your boarding pass in front of your face can compromise your personal information, so make sure to cover the barcode.

The long, tunnel-like walkways at many airports, such as the one at O'Hare International Airport, provide unique opportunities for dynamic, cinematic selfies with moving backgrounds.

Some airports, such as Changi Airport in Singapore, offer interactive art installations and gardens as backdrops for creative selfies.

Many airplanes have unique liveries (paint schemes) that can add interest and character to an airplane selfie.

Do your research to find out if there are any special planes in your destination's fleet.

Using a selfie stick at an airport can help capture more of the surrounding environment and eliminate awkward extended-arm shots.

Just make sure it's allowed at your specific airport.

Taking a selfie at the exact moment your plane takes off or touches down can be a thrilling and visually striking addition to your travel album, but make sure to follow all safety guidelines.

Many airports, such as London Heathrow and Amsterdam Schiphol, have installed selfie spots or zones that provide visually appealing backgrounds and props for travelers to use.

Experimenting with perspective and angles can lead to more interesting and unique selfies, such as holding your phone low to the ground and looking down at it or using the reflection of a mirror or window.

Some phone cameras are designed with "portrait mode" or "live focus" settings that can blur the background and make the subject stand out, perfect for airport selfies in busy terminals.

Research the airport's layout and construction to find unique and lesser-known spots for selfies, such as rooftop gardens or hidden lounge areas.

Playing with shadows and framing can make for an intriguing and visually appealing selfie, especially in the stark and often geometric setting of an airport.

Selfie editing apps like Facetune and VSCO offer filters and touch-up options that can enhance your airport selfies with just a few taps.

Using a monopod or tripod for a more stable and steady shot can make a difference, particularly if you're taking a group selfie or want to incorporate the surrounding airport architecture.

Utilizing the timer function on your camera can free up your hands and allow you to pose more creatively, especially when incorporating props like luggage or airport amenities like food and drinks.

Taking a selfie at the ticket counter or check-in kiosk can not only serve as a reminder of your travel itinerary but also capture the excitement and anticipation of the journey ahead.

Some airlines offer branded swag and merchandise that can serve as fun and quirky props for airport selfies.

Animating your airport selfies using motion graphic and video editing apps can make for a memorable and entertaining way to document your travel experience.

Get stunning travel pictures from the world's most exciting travel destinations in 8K quality without ever traveling! (Get started for free)