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"What are Palia storage chests and how do I effectively use them in the game?"

In Palia, players can use storage chests to manage their inventory.

There are three types of storage chests: Wooden, Copper, and Iron.

A player can place up to eight general storage chests and three Lockbox chests on their housing plot.

This limit applies to all unlocked housing plots as a whole.

All storage chests are interconnected, allowing players to access their items from any chest on their plot.

Lockbox chests are craftable at the worktable.

Players will need 10 Sapwood Plank and 2 Copper Bar to craft a Lockbox chest.

Players can increase their storage capacity by crafting Copper and Iron storage chests.

These chests can store more items than Wooden chests.

The recipe for Copper Storage Chest is available for purchase at the Material Store for 10,000 gold.

Iron Storage Chest recipe requires 50,000 gold, 1 Copper Storage Chest, 30 Heartwood Planks, and 4 Iron Bars.

Players can also increase their storage space by purchasing larger bags, such as the Large Bag (5,000 gold) and Deluxe Bag (25,000 gold).

General Storage allows players to deposit, store, and withdraw items from their inventory into Wooden, Copper, and Iron Storage Chests placed on the housing plot.

Players can store up to 10,000 items in General Storage, depending on how many and what type of storage chests are currently placed on the housing plot.

Items stored in storage chests will remain there even if the player's character dies.

Players can use the search function in the storage interface to quickly locate specific items.

The "Modification" option for Copper Storage Chests is not available, meaning that players cannot modify or upgrade these chests.

Players have reported that they can place more than eight chests by pressing "H" to change the slot and placing 8 more chests in the new slot.

However, this may not be intended and might risk losing items when fixed.

Players can obtain the recipe for Lockbox Storage Chest at the Material Store for 1,000 gold.

Players can gather Sapwood by chopping trees and Flint by mining rocks on their housing plot.

Alternatively, they can wait until the end of the Welcome to Palia quest to gather the materials outside.

The A Storage Solution quest requires players to craft a Wooden Storage Chest for their items.

Copper Storage Chests can store 825 items.

Players can stack up on all the resources and ingredients needed to complete the A Storage Solution quest by following the objectives.

The Singularity 6 Ashleigh Klein Hodari arrives in time to ensure that players have the right equipment to store away their items.

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