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Snap Out of It! 10 Tips for Taking Epic Travel Pics Like an Influencer

Snap Out of It! 10 Tips for Taking Epic Travel Pics Like an Influencer - Overcome Camera Shyness

Being camera shy is one of the biggest obstacles for travel bloggers and influencers when trying to build their brand and create content. It's easy to feel self-conscious or awkward posing for photos, especially if you're not used to being in front of the lens. However, conquering camera shyness is essential if you want to grow your social media following and truly showcase your adventures.

The good news is that with practice and determination, anyone can become more comfortable having their photo taken. Start small by asking friends or family to practice taking candid shots of you engaged in everyday activities. Doing this in a low-pressure environment with people you trust can help you warm up to being photographed. You can also practice posing in front of a mirror to find angles and stances that you feel good about.

Once you've built up some confidence, challenge yourself to step outside your comfort zone. Ask fellow travelers or new local friends to snap pics of you sightseeing. The more you put yourself out there, the easier it will become. Don't be afraid to be a bit silly and let your personality shine. Goofy, joyful shots often turn out better than perfectly posed ones anyway.

It's also important to remember that nobody looks flawless in every photo. Even the most popular influencers take dozens of shots to end up with a few gems. Try not to obsess over minor imperfections or nitpick unflattering angles. Focus instead on the incredible destinations and experiences you're capturing.

Veteran travel photographer Meg Alexandra suggests pretending the camera isn't even there. "Tune out the photography aspect and fully immerse yourself in the moment, activity and location," she advises. "This takes practice, but it leads to natural, authentic images."

With the right mindset and consistent effort, developing camera confidence is very achievable. "Don't expect perfection right away," encourages travel blogger Erica Reischer. "I cringe looking at some of my early shots. But the more I pushed past the discomfort, the more comfortable I became in front of the lens. Now I don't even think about it."

Snap Out of It! 10 Tips for Taking Epic Travel Pics Like an Influencer - Flaunt Your Personality

Showcasing your unique personality in photos is arguably the most important tip for aspiring travel influencers. After all, your followers are investing in you"”not just the destinations. The most popular content creators build a bond with their audience by giving them a window into their interests, quirks and perspectives. Their photos feel like an invitation into their world.

"Don't be afraid to let your freak flag fly and show people who you really are," urges travel blogger Sabrina Majeed. "Are you a complete goofball? Get silly! Are you a history buff? Strike a scholarly pose at historic sites! Show your viewers what excites you."

Of course, putting yourself out there takes courage. Elise Treleaven recalls feeling self-conscious when she first started sharing travel photos featuring her bright, funky style. "I worried constantly about being judged for my appearance and interests," she admits. However, embracing her look provided an emotional release. "I felt liberated interacting with the world as my full, colorful self," she says.

Visually highlighting your passions also helps attract an engaged, supportive community. Fashion and food enthusiast Amanda Jones was delighted to find that publicly indulging her interests resulted in heartfelt connections. "Complete strangers began complimenting my style and recommending restaurants that I'd love," she shares. "It made the whole travel experience feel less lonely."

Some creators even curate different aesthetics across their social platforms to showcase multifaceted identities. For Sophia Li, Instagram captures her chick, romantic side while TikTok shows her edgy, alternative vibe. "I spent too much time worrying what people might think," she reflects. "Now I proudly embrace all aspects of myself online."

Of course, how much to divulge is a personal choice. The key is simply letting your photos reflect an authentic version of you. "Don't mimic what's trendy or try to be someone you're not," emphasizes travel photographer Ryan Joseph. "I stick to destinations and activities that I'm genuinely passionate about. That joy and enthusiasm comes through in the images."

Snap Out of It! 10 Tips for Taking Epic Travel Pics Like an Influencer - Play with Perspectives

Perspective plays a huge role in travel photography. Even a familiar landmark or frequently photographed scene can look brand new when captured from an unexpected angle. Playing with perspectives injects variety, uniqueness and visual interest into your images. It also enables you to highlight intriguing details that are easily overlooked from traditional viewpoints.

"I'm constantly looking for new ways to frame iconic sites," says travel photographer Chris Burkard. "Rather than shooting the Eiffel Tower head-on from below, I'll climb to a rooftop terrace to photograph it from above and behind. Or I'll lay on the ground beneath the Eiffel Tower"™s intricate ironwork."

Getting low or finding higher ground are go-to techniques for altering perspective. Other creative options include shooting reflections in water or mirrors, focusing on small details instead of the full scene, utilizing framing elements like trees or arches, and playing with the depth of field to blur certain elements.

Travel blogger Gemma Newton recalls discovering an inventive new perspective by chance in Barcelona. "I happened to glance at La Sagrada Familia through a colorful kaleidoscope tube on a gift shop shelf," she shares. "The abstract, rainbow-hued image ended up being one of my most popular and unique photos from the trip."

Influencers also emphasize the value of mobile photography for easily scaling buildings and monuments or accessing cramped vantage points. "I love utilizing my phone camera to get shots from up high looking down, like inside St. Peter's Basilica dome," says travel Instagrammer Lauren Bullen. "Phones are also great for squeezing into tight spots like caves and old ruins."

However, one need not contort themselves or rely on gimmicks to achieve shots that POP. "Some of my most popular images were taken simply sitting down or lying on the ground rather than standing at eye level," remarks travel blogger Jack Morris. "Changing even a few feet transforms what you can capture."

While scenic overlooks provide postcard shots, it's getting off the beaten path and discovering hidden gems that fuels social media engagement. "I'm drawn to winding alleys, cozy cafes and graffitied streets far more than main attractions surrounded by crowds," reveals travel photographer Lea Bullen. "There is something magical about finding a new, incredible viewpoint or perspective that others overlook."

Snap Out of It! 10 Tips for Taking Epic Travel Pics Like an Influencer - Make Use of Props

Props play a pivotal role in travel photography by adding visual interest, conveying meaning, and helping influencers stand out from the crowd. According to popular travel blogger Leila Peterson, "œA thoughtful prop elevates a standard pose or backdrop into something playful and memorable." From fashion accessories to food items, introducing creative elements into shots injects personality and enables content creators to showcase passions beyond basic scenery.

When selecting props, influencers emphasize choosing items with personal significance. "œI incorporate things I already own and truly love, like my favorite hat from a local boutique or sunglasses I picked up on another adventure," explains travel Instagrammer Gemma Winters. "œIt adds authenticity." Other influencers scour flea markets, vintage shops and artisan stalls to find props that embody the spirit of each location. "œMy souvenir game is strong! I keep an eye out for photogenic items like handmade textiles, fresh flowers or incense," says TikTok travel creator Zoe Bell.

While props can feel gimmicky if overdone, a dash of whimsy goes a long way. "œI frame my husband peeking out from behind a giant fan atancient ruins or tossing pizza dough on the Amalfi Coast," chuckles family travel blogger Gina Conti. "œIt injects some lightness into what could be generic scenic shots." Travel photographers also leverage props to add a sense of scale. "œPosing with a massive sculpture or standing beneath a towering tree emphasizes grandiose natural settings," professional photographer Meg Alexandra explains.

When incorporating prop elements, be mindful not to let them overshadow you or obscure the surrounding location. "œThe prop should complement you and the space, not distract," advises travel Instagrammer Eric Newsome. "œMake sure your face is still clearly visible." Props also present logistical challenges, especially while globetrotting. "œI limit myself to a few iconic, packable items like my vintage polaroid camera and Tiffany necklace," says jet-setting influencer Julie Smith. "œOverloading myself stressed me out."

With creativity and moderation, props lift images from average to exceptional. "œA bright bouquet of flowers instantly livened up my outfit against white Greek architecture," recalls travel blogger Aimee Fitzgerald. "œAnd holding a calligraphy brush next to ancient Chinese poems added depth." Simple items can also convey powerful symbolism. "œStanding on a European mountaintop with my grandfather's weathered travel journal felt deeply poignant," reflects Instagrammer Mike Jenkins.

Snap Out of It! 10 Tips for Taking Epic Travel Pics Like an Influencer - Take Advantage of Golden Hour

The golden hour refers to the period shortly after sunrise or before sunset when the quality of natural light is at its peak for photography. During this time, the sun is low on the horizon, bathing scenes in a warm, diffused glow that enhances textures, colors and mood. For travel influencers and photographers, capitalizing on golden hour is key for capturing truly jaw-dropping, atmospheric images that will wow your audience.

The enriched lighting conditions during golden hour lend themselves perfectly to travel imagery in several ways. The softened shadows and saturated colors this light produces can make scenery look almost ethereal. Vivid blue skies get deeper, water glistens, and weathered architecture radiates. "There's a certain magic that happens once the sun starts going down and everything begins to glow. All my photos instantly look more vivid and dimensional," says social media travel influencer Sophia Li.

In addition to maximizing color and vibrancy, golden hour introduces appealing visual drama through strong shadows and silhouettes. Backlighting from the low sun generates defined contours and striking outlines of subjects and surroundings. "I love photographing my partner standing on mountain cliffs during the last light of day when he becomes this gorgeous, striking silhouette against the sky," explains travel photographer Leila Peterson.

Finally, golden hour evokes a pensive, nostalgic mood that fits beautifully with travel and exploring. Drawn-out shadows and darker tones can add visual weight and emotion compared to the bright light of midday. "Morning and evening light feel so much warmer and more intimate to me - perfect for conveying the wistfulness of new places and adventures," shares Instagram travel influencer Eric Newsome.

However, working with golden hour does require some planning and persistence. The window of peak lighting conditions lasts only around 30 minutes at most, so you need to anticipate timing. "I'm constantly monitoring the sun's position to make sure I'm in the right spot as the golden hour begins," notes professional travel photographer Meg Alexandra. You may also need to shoot in varied weather and seasons to capture sunrises versus sunsets.

Patience is also key, as you may need to revisit locations multiple times until the circumstances align for that perfect shot. "I once returned to the same temple in Bangkok for two weeks straight trying to get my golden hour moment," recalls travel blogger Gemma Winters. "When it finally happened at dusk on a cloudless day, it was pure magic and made all those trips worthwhile."

Snap Out of It! 10 Tips for Taking Epic Travel Pics Like an Influencer - Get Creative with Editing

Post-processing is an integral aspect of crafting share-worthy travel imagery that often gets overlooked. While capturing remarkable photos is important, how you edit and enhance those shots in apps like Lightroom can truly take them to the next level. As social media expert Ali Mitra explains, "Your editing style is just as critical for creating cohesive, impactful content with a consistent mood and aesthetic as the photos themselves."

Don't be intimidated by the editing process - start small with easy fixes like straightening skewed horizons, removing clutter, adjusting contrast and popping color. Play around with editing presets focused on travel photography for quick polish. Veteran influencers also touch up blemishes and whiten teeth when needed. "I'm not afraid to smooth some fine lines after a 15-hour flight!" jokes travel blogger Leila Dee.

However, resist overediting to the point images appear artificial or distorted. "I see over-smoothed skin that looks alien-like, oversaturated colors that are neon, and overly sharpened scenery that seems unnatural," says photographer Meg Alexandra.

For next-level creativity, leverage editing apps to add enticing light leaks, dreamy bokeh, dramatic shadows, retro film effects and text/graphic overlays. But use discretion. "I selectively apply more adventurous effects and filters to complement certain photos based on the mood I want to evoke," explains Instagram influencer Gemma Winters.

Upgrading from filters to local adjustments like radial gradients and brush tools enables you to fine-tune specific elements. "I'll accentuate pink sunset skies while keeping my skin tone natural," describes travel content creator Zoe Bell. Carefully drawn gradients can also guide viewers' eyes towards you as the subject.

However, don't let technical editing diminish the genuine essence of experiences. Aim for enhancements that boost visual appeal while preserving the scene's ambience. "I edit my Milan street photography to feel moody and chic but stay true to the city's energy," says social media influencer Gina Lee.

Lastly, maintain cohesive editing across images from the same trip or location for a polished, professional portfolio with a consistent vibe. "I create color palettes and customize preset packs for each of my destinations," explains professional travel photographer Leila Peterson. "This helps my overall collection feel cohesive."

Snap Out of It! 10 Tips for Taking Epic Travel Pics Like an Influencer - Curate Your Feed

A thoughtfully curated Instagram feed is crucial for travel influencers to convey their brand and create visual impact. As social media strategist Tyler Marks explains, "Your profile should tell a story and transport followers to the locations and experiences you're sharing." However, haphazardly posting disjointed photos can leave viewers confused. Curating content to maximize aesthetics and narrative flow is key.

The first step is establishing a consistent editing style and color palette that complements your brand. For travel photographer Gemma Hill, bright, punchy tones reflecting her energetic personality are her signature. "I tease out lush greens in nature scenes and intensify the turquoise in tropical waters," she says. Adopting specific fonts, filters and textures can further unify your profile.

To immerse followers in a journey, upload content chronologically from each destination. Fashion blogger Sabrina Maris suggests imagining captions as chapter titles. However, variety adds intrigue. "I'll break up a series of scenic images with close-ups of cuisine or street style," she explains.

Be highly selective about what makes the cut to avoid a cluttered, overwhelming feed. "I sift through hundreds of photos to narrow down to my top 10-15 edits," says influencer Tyler Ross. Analyze your existing content to identify overused subjects or angles to retire.

Strategic pairing creates visual impact. Leila Sampson suggests bookending a gallery with contrasting views of a landmark. Or follow a close-up dish with a wide shot of the cafe interior. Repeating colors, textures and shapes also delivers a polished impression.

Explore outside your niche occasionally to exhibit diverse passions. For travel blogger Daniele Martin, spotlighting his custom leather crafts amidst Bali surf photos provides unique texture. "It gives a fuller perspective of my creative interests," he explains.

Whatever your approach, let your feed evolve as you do. "My early travel photos mimicked glossy magazines with filtered scenery and posed shots," recalls influencer Scarlett James. "But veering towards candid moments better represents who I am now."

Snap Out of It! 10 Tips for Taking Epic Travel Pics Like an Influencer - Collaborate with Local Talent

One powerful strategy for travel influencers is collaborating with creators in the places you visit. Photographing diverse cultures and communities authentically boils down to amplifying local voices. As social media expert Tyler Ross explains, "œWorking with local photographers, models and influencers allows you to capture locations through an insider's lens." Tapping into their creative vision, connections and knowledge deepens the impact and reach of your content.

Firstly, partnering with regional photographers grants access to unique, hidden gems off the standard tourist trail. Because they understand context and language, local creatives can secure permits for restricted locations or gain access to residential areas. "œI worked with an Instagrammer in Havana who revealed little-known cafes, back alleys and rooftops that felt like the real Cuba," recalls travel blogger Scarlett James. Local photographers also know the best rare vantage points and timing for magical lighting.

Additionally, hiring local models brings greater authenticity and cultural insight compared to defaulting to stock images of locales. "œAs a Black influencer, working with Black creatives in Africa let me portray the continent"™s phenomenal diversity," explains travel content creator Zoe Bell. Along with insight around styling, posing and activities, local talent lends deeper meaning. "œI captured a Mexican model in his grandfather"™s sombrero for a far more powerful shot," says photographer Leila Peterson.

Collaborating with regional influencers also expands your platform"™s reach exponentially through cross-promotion. "œShoutouts from Egyptian bloggers were crucial for introducing my account to Middle Eastern audiences," notes travel Instagrammer Eric Newsome. Don"™t just use these connections transactionally. "œI invest in ongoing relationships, regularly engaging with collaborators"™ content," says influencer Lauren Bullen.

However, respectfully collaborating across cultures requires thorough research. Educate yourself extensively on etiquette, norms and appropriate conduct. "œFlouting cultural expectations, even unintentionally, can be detrimental," warns travel blogger Sabrina Maris. Discuss creative direction transparently to ensure alignment and sensitivity. Be flexible adapting to others"™ working styles and needs on shoots.

Making collaborations mutually beneficial is also key. "œI always negotiate fair pay for local artists"™ time and creative work, not just "˜exposure,"™" emphasizes travel influencer Sophia Li. Supporting collaborators"™ endeavors year-round, not just during your trip, also strengthens relationships.

Snap Out of It! 10 Tips for Taking Epic Travel Pics Like an Influencer - Balance Quantity and Quality

Striking the ideal balance between quantity and quality is an art travel influencers must master. Producing ample content is crucial for social media algorithms and engaging followers. But an obsession with quantity can undermine photographic excellence. As commercial photographer Tyler Marks cautions, "œChurning out mediocre images just to post daily dilutes your brand"™s impact." However, being overly selective risks stagnating your audience and platform. The key is thoughtfully calibrating both elements based on your goals.

For influencers focused on travel journalism or photography, quality should be the top priority. "œI"™ll wait hours for perfect golden hour light rather than snap dozens of flat midday shots," explains travel photographer Leila Peterson. "œMy priority is creating magazine-worthy images." These creators also spend hours editing each photo to perfection. Some even schedule out weekly content in advance to relieve pressure to publish daily. "œWorking ahead lets me space out posting my very best work," says influencer Gemma Hill. However, builds anticipation.

In contrast, creators aiming to showcase adventurous lifestyles and engage rapidly may opt for quantity. "œPosting a story every few hours showing my explorations makes followers feel included in the journey," explains travel vlogger Zoe Bell. High output also provides more opportunities to showcase sponsors. Additionally, frequent posting is favored by TikTok and other emerging platforms. "œAlgorithms make it necessary to release content across multiple channels daily," notes influencer Tyler Ross.

However, thought leaders caution against completely sacrificing polish, regardless of speed. "œQuick phone snaps have their place but should be balanced with slow, intentional photography," suggests travel blogger Sabrina Maris. Scheduling regular offline days to recharge creative juices is also recommended.

In terms of optimizing efficiency, utilizing batch editing, presets and AI image generators can streamline producing high-quality content quickly. "œI edit photos in large batches with saved presets to maintain color consistency," reveals influencer Lauren Bullen. Planning shoots strategically can also maximize output, as social media strategist Ali Mitra explains. "œI"™ll capture content for a week"™s worth of posts each time I visit a photogenic cafe or boutique."

Multi-day trips present opportunities to dedicate certain periods solely to creating content, enabling immersive experiences the rest of the time. "œI"™ll wake up early for sunrise shots then enjoy my day," says travel blogger Leila Dee. Finally, not overthinking can prevent getting bogged down chasing perfection. "œI just snap what excites me in the moment," reveals jet-setting influencer Julie Smith. "If I love the memory, my audience will too."

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