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Snap Your Way Through Puglia: The 11 Most Instagrammable Spots in Italy's Stunning Heel

Snap Your Way Through Puglia: The 11 Most Instagrammable Spots in Italy's Stunning Heel - Otranto: The Jewel of the Adriatic

Nicknamed the "Eastern Door" due to its location on the easternmost part of Italy's boot, Otranto is a historic port town situated along the stunning turquoise waters of the Adriatic Sea. With its medieval architecture, whitewashed buildings, and imposing castle dominating the harbor, Otranto has an undeniable old-world charm that makes it feel like you've stepped back in time.

Yet, beyond its photogenic streets, Otranto's biggest draw is its breathtaking coastline. Walk along the seaside promenade for panoramic views over the water, drop by the tiny coves carved into the cliffs south of town, or head to the iconic Punta Palascia lighthouse for the perfect sunset photo op. The translucent waters and scenic beaches provide countless backdrops for posing with the sea.

When visiting Otranto, be sure to explore the labyrinthine lanes of the old town. Wander beneath ancient archways, weave between weathered stone houses, and discover historic churches like the Romanesque Cathedral of Otranto with its impressive mosaic floor - the perfect posed photo backdrop! For shopaholics, the artisan boutiques sell locally made jewelry and ceramics.

The lively harbor promenade comes alive at dusk as locals and tourists alike sip drinks at the alfresco cafés and restaurants, making it a great time and place for posed travel shots. As the beating heart of town, the tree-lined harbor frames the sea and castle, creating vivid scenery. During the day, you can capture candid lifestyle images of fishermen hauling in the daily catch.

No influencer's Otranto album is complete without a photo of the massive historic Skull of Otranto mosaic laid into the cathedral floor. According to legend, the skull represents 800 residents beheaded by Ottoman invaders in 1480 for refusing to convert to Islam. It's a haunting and unique backdrop for a posed pic.

Snap Your Way Through Puglia: The 11 Most Instagrammable Spots in Italy's Stunning Heel - Lecce's Baroque Beauties

Nicknamed "The Florence of the South," Lecce enchants visitors with its magnificent Baroque architecture. The soft local limestone used to construct the city's churches, palaces, and monuments creates a beautiful golden glow when struck by sunlight. Meandering through Lecce's historical center, you'll feel transported back to the 17th century when the city underwent an artistic renaissance.

The most impressive Baroque buildings cluster around Piazza del Duomo, making it an ideal spot to pose for architecture-filled photos. On the piazza's southern end rises the imposing Lecce Cathedral, built between 1659-1670. Capture stylish shots against the cathedral's ornately decorated facade and rose window. The adjoining Bishop's Palace boasts rows of saints perched on the parapet - perfect for a cheeky posed pic.

Don't miss the ornate Basilica di Santa Croce just east. Marvel at its intricately carved columns, depicting vines, figures, and animals. Pose gracefully mid-pirouette with the basilica as your background for an eye-catching travel shot. For off-beat photos, get creative with the grotesque statue of St. Oronzo atop his column in Piazza Sant'Oronzo.

Beyond the main square, Lecce's streets showcase more architectural treasures. Have a friend snap photos of you strolling through Piazza Libertini, dwarfed by the grandeur of the 17th century Palazzo dei Celestini. Strike a powerful pose against Porta Napoli's triple-arched city gate. Get artsy shots in front of Santa Chiara Church and its ebullient facade.

One iconic Lecce landmark is the Roman Amphitheatre, nestled amid the maze of streets behind Piazza Sant'Oronzo. Dating to the 2nd century AD, the amphitheatre's towering columns and arcades create a striking backdrop for photos. Pose theatrically amid the ruins for a touch of drama.

To add local flavor to your Lecce photo album, have a friend snap pics of you sampling pasticciotto custard tarts, the city's famous snack. Get candid lifestyle shots browsing the stalls of fresh produce, cheese, and cured meats at a morning market. Capture your wanderlust posing beside street musicians strumming mandolins and singing melodic ballads.

Snap Your Way Through Puglia: The 11 Most Instagrammable Spots in Italy's Stunning Heel - Alberobello's Trulli Delight

With its fantasy-like landscape dotted with hundreds of mysterious trulli, Alberobello looks like a quaint Hobbit village plucked straight from the pages of Tolkien. These conical stone dwellings with grey slate roofs sprout up across the hillsides surrounding Alberobello's historical center, their whimsical forms creating endless photo ops. As one of Puglia's most unique towns, Alberobello delivers delightful surprises waiting to be captured on camera by intrepid influencers.

Originally built by wealthy aristocrats as second homes or lodges for agricultural workers, Alberobello's trulli date back to the 1400s. Local regulations forced peasants to construct temporary dwellings that could be quickly dismantled to avoid taxation. The simple yet clever design of trulli allowed for easy disassembly. Nowadays, these architectural marvels create an iconic skyline that has earned Alberobello UNESCO World Heritage status.

Be sure to spend time on Viale Antonio Gramsci for unobstructed views over a sea of pointy grey roofs. Strike a pose in one of the trulli doorways, or get an aerial-style shot perched on a rooftop patio for Instagrammable images from above. Rione Monti's steep lanes weave between dense clusters of trulli for moody, almost fantastical photos.

Many lodgings in Alberobello are trulli hotels allowing guests to sleep inside these unique structures. Wake up early to get empty street scenes devoid of crowds. Capture aesthetic lifestyle shots having your morning espresso on a trulli's terrace amid potted geraniums and tumbling bougainvillea.

Don't miss the adorable Trullo Sovrano, Alberobello's only two-story trulli, with its distinct conical turrets. Strike poses against the intricate symbols painted around the entrance, believed to bring good luck. For a more authentic experience, head to Alberobello's residential quarters where locals still reside inside trulli passed down for generations. Pose casually amongst laundry lines strung between dwellings.

Influencers seeking artsy detail shots will delight in Alberobello's handicraft shops selling trulli souvenirs. Capture your travels by posting pics holding trulli-shaped ceramic pitchers or standing beside towers of mini trulli models. For lifestyle photos, browse the stalls of local olive oil, wine, and Burrata cheese inside Alberobello's trulli.

Snap Your Way Through Puglia: The 11 Most Instagrammable Spots in Italy's Stunning Heel - Polignano a Mare's Dramatic Limestone Cliffs

Perched atop craggy limestone cliffs that plunge down to the sparkling blue Adriatic, Polignano a Mare's stunning seaside setting creates a dramatic backdrop for influencer photos. This ancient village's narrow alleys, whitewashed houses, and medieval churches crown the cliffs, while down below rocky coves carved by the sea beckon.

Follow the main road Via Santa Barbara to reach the cliff edge overlooking the sea. This is the prime vantage point to snap photos of you standing above the waves with Polignano a Mare's chalk-white buildings stretching into the distance behind you. For daring shots, carefully inch toward the precipice to highlight the dizzying height.

Venture down the steep stone steps to the seafront promenade for picturesque photos at sea level with your gaze cast upward. Pose sitting nonchalantly on the concrete edge or leaning casually against the cliff beside cobalt fishing boats bobbing in the harbors. Capture the stark contrast between the bright white stone and the dark blue ocean.

One signature shot not to miss is the Insta-famous balcony jutting out over the cliffs. Strike a graceful pose like a leading lady from a movie as you stare wistfully out to sea. For couples, recreate the iconic scene from Titanic holding hands on the balcony's edge. This is one of Puglia's most recognizable backdrops.

Follow the coastal path south to reach Lama Monachile beach nestled at the bottom of the cliffs. This secluded cove dotted with local sunbathers provides beautiful scenery. Wade into the shallow waters for serene photos surrounded by the cliffs towering above you. Strike yoga poses atop a rocky outcrop.

For a unique shot, head to the Grotta della Poesia, a natural pool carved into the cliffs. Pose sitting along its edge, feet dangling above the aquamarine waters. Or, leap dramatically off the rocks into the pool below like local daredevils. This magical grotto exudes an irresistible siren call for sensational travel content.

Beyond its photogenic perch above the Adriatic, Polignano a Mare charms with its lively community vibe. Follow the fishy scent to find the tiny fishing port. Snap candid images of weathered fishermen mending nets and selling the daily catch dockside.

The labyrinth of whitewashed lanes in the old town set a quaint stage. Strike styled poses in an arched stone alleyway with blooming flowers adding pops of color. For amazing acoustics, stand beneath the stone arches and sing a few notes - the sound resonates dramatically off the walls and stone pavement.

Snap Your Way Through Puglia: The 11 Most Instagrammable Spots in Italy's Stunning Heel - Grotte di Castellana's Underground Marvels

Descending into the Grotte di Castellana, you'll feel like an intrepid explorer delving into an enchanted underground realm. This sprawling cave system located just outside of Castellana Grotte comprises nearly 3 kilometers of spectacular galleries, chambers, and passageways awaiting discovery 70 meters below ground. Formed over millions of years by water erosion, the Grotte di Castellana's geological wonders create a mystical setting perfect for capturing artful travel photos.

One of the top attractions is the White Cave room, named for its white rock walls and alabaster formations. Snap an iconic influencer shot posing beneath the cave's ethereal natural columns and translucent curtains of limestone. Play with lighting and shadows for brooding atmosphere. Utilize slow shutter speeds to craft dreamy, almost surreal images.

Further inside, the Corridor of the Desert will make you feel miniscule wandering through its gigantic chamber marked by lofty ceilings and colossal stalagmites. This is an ideal spot for ultra wide-angle photos depicting you as a tiny figure immersed in an otherworldly environment.

Perhaps the most photogenic cavern is the enchanting Grotta Bianca, where dazzling calcite crystals embedded in the walls reflect your flash, creating a sparkling backdrop resembling a geode. Strike styled poses showcasing the shimmering crystals surrounding you.

For intrepid adventure seekers, wading through the underground lake called Lacus Laqueus rewards with serene vistas begging to be captured on camera. Reflections of the ambient lighting on the still black waters produce ethereal effects. Note: proper footwear is essential to safely cross this frigid pool.

Beyond geological formations, what makes the Grotte di Castellana truly remarkable are the rare cave art paintings adorning its walls. Influencers can capture unique images posing beside this prehistoric art, including handprints and ancient mystic symbols. Dramatically illuminate the cave paintings using your phone's flash or portable light.

Although immense chambers await at the end of the complex, novice spelunkers need not venture deep underground to enjoy the Grotte di Castellana's photogenic magic. The one-hour tour covers the most spectacular sections of the caves while remaining easily accessible. For spelunkers wanting a more immersive four-hour experience, the Full Tour lets you push further into the caves' natural galleries while admiring more subterranean treasures.

Snap Your Way Through Puglia: The 11 Most Instagrammable Spots in Italy's Stunning Heel - Ostuni's Brilliant White Facades

With its sea of brilliant white houses stacked up a hillside and crowned by a medieval palace, Ostuni gleams like a lighthouse guiding travelers to Puglia's photogenic charms. Nicknamed "La Cittá Bianca" (The White City), Ostuni dazzles the eyes with its blinding white facades and cobalt blue doors and windows lining steep alleys barely wide enough for a single person. Meandering through the tangle of whitewashed lanes, influencers will discover backdrops galore just waiting to be struck by that perfect golden hour light.

Ostuni's white appearance traces back to a 15th-century ordinance dictating that residents whitewash their houses each summer. Originally intended to deter pirate raids, this tradition gives Ostuni its luminous glow as the white lime wash reflects sunlight, keeping buildings naturally cool. For Instagrammers, the resulting sea of white spreading across the hillside creates eye-catching scenery. Shoot from afar for sweeping shots over the brilliant sprawl. Move in close to capture textures"”flaking paint, clusters of potted plants along a windowsill, the fading patina of age.

Follow your ears to the medieval centro storico's main pedestrian street, Corso Mazzini, lined with chic boutiques and cafés shaded by canvas awnings. Pose laughing candidly with friends al fresco. Snap stylish outfit pics against the sleek minimalist backdrops. Nearby Piazza della Libertá provides a prime selfie spot beside its 15th-century loggia and the soaring turret of Palazzo Guglielmo towering above.

Those willing to get lost inside Ostuni's maze will be rewarded with magic-hour shots beneath whitewashed archways glowing in dusky pink light. An influencer favorite is the stepped alley beside Le Antiche Sere Discount Store glowing under strings of festive bulbs. Strike a powerful pose at the top of the stairs. For romance, reenact the iconic pottery wheel scene from Ghost against these crisp white walls.

Not every surface gleams bright white, however. The ancient ruins of Ostuni Cathedral and Bishop's Palace blend golden yellow stone amid the white, while the crimson geraniums spilling from flowerpots provide an eye-catching burst of color. Contrast a vivid red dress against the white cityscape for showstopping photos.

No Instagram collection shot in Ostuni is complete without capturing the sweeping panoramic views from Piazza Italia. Gaze down at the sea of white houses and groves of silvery-green olive trees from this scenic overlook. Pose thoughtfully looking out across the Valle d"™Itria countryside. For daring shots, carefully move closer to the ledge, but take caution as there are no barriers.

By late afternoon, Ostuni"™s white walls glow otherworldly in the warm light before sunset. The dazzling facades become ephemeral canvases for your creative photos. Play with shadows and shapes. Shoot strictly in black and white or silhouette your model's form against the white architecture. Drone shots from above reveal Ostuni's circular layout unfurling like a beautiful white flower atop the hill.

Snap Your Way Through Puglia: The 11 Most Instagrammable Spots in Italy's Stunning Heel - Matera's Ancient Sassi District

With its primordial-looking stone dwellings carved into a rugged ravine, Matera's Sassi District transports you back 9,000 years to when some of Italy's first settlements sprung up in natural grottoes and cave shelters. This prehistoric-looking quarter clustered beneath the jutting spine of rock feels like stepping into an ancient world frozen in time. Once described as the "Shame of Italy" for its extreme poverty, today the Sassi enchants with its rich history, age-old traditions, and mesmerizing honeycombed maze of structures seemingly one with the cliffside.

Out of Italy's many photogenic towns, few match the sheer drama and spectacle of Matera's Sassi. The district comprises two sectors spread across either side of a plunging gorge: Sasso Caveoso and Sasso Barisano. Endless compositions await your lens here. Shoot upward for picturesque shots of cube-like dwellings piled atop one another, connected by flimsy stone staircases dangling precipitously. Get eye-level with arched grotto entrances and sculpted portals for artsy abstract images. Weave through the shadowy lanes following the gentle glow of lights flickering behind tiny windows.

Once home to some of Italy's poorest residents living without electricity or running water, today the Sassi offers chic lodgings like Sextantio Le Grotte della Civita. Strike lifestyle poses sipping espresso on your suite's cliffside patio overlooking the ravine. Get ready for your night out surrounded by stone vaults lit by candles. Show how Sassi's caves have been transformed into swanky subterranean digs perfect for modern travelers.

Beyond its photogenic dwellings, Matera's Sassi preserves age-old traditions still thriving today. Rise at dawn to explore the district when most residents start their days, stirring up enticing scents. Follow the aroma of panzerotti frying and capture shots of women shaping the savory pastries. In their tireless hands, simple ingredients become sublime art.

At lunch, head to Casa Noha nestled beneath a 15th-century fresco. Share candid moments with friends over Pugliese dishes like orecchiette pasta seasoned with vivid green broccoli rabe. Toast with glasses of Primitivo wine, then cap your feast with homemade gelato"”all made using recipes perfected over generations.

As a 2019 European Capital of Culture, Matera hosted open-air concerts and art shows transforming the Sassi into an exuberant stage. Though celebrations have quieted, an air of creative energy still crackles. Join buskers jamming folk songs echoing off stone. Converse with local painters capturing the district's raw beauty on canvas. Model a handcrafted Carnival mask and pose festively at Carnevale. Show how enduring traditions thrive within the Sassi's timeworn walls.

Snap Your Way Through Puglia: The 11 Most Instagrammable Spots in Italy's Stunning Heel - Trani's Medieval Charm

With its harborfront castello, soaring cathedral, and maze of atmospheric streets, Trani transports visitors back to the Middle Ages. As you explore the port city's historic center, it's easy to imagine noble knights and elegant ladies strolling these same cobblestone lanes centuries ago. Beyond its well-preserved medieval architecture, Trani charms with its enduring traditions, romantic seaside setting, and laidback coastal lifestyle begging to be captured in your travel photos.

Trani reached its zenith during the Middle Ages when it prospered as an important trading hub. The mighty Swabian Castle built in 1233 still stands guard near the harbor, its crenelated towers and rugged sandstone walls providing a majestic backdrop for photos of you gazing out to sea like a crusader of yore. The adjoining Santa Maria di Colonna Cathedral built in the distinctive Romanesque Pugliese style showcases ornate bronze doors, intricate carvings, and slender columns crowned with animal motifs. Pause to admire the cathedral"™s wedding-cake façade adorned with blind arches and rosettes before snapping picturesque poses on the sweeping staircase leading up to this historic house of worship.

Beyond the harbor, Trani"™s medieval quarter beckons. Stroll narrow lanes hardly wider than a person named after artisans like Via Orefici (Goldsmiths Street). Pop into St. Andrew"™s Church to see exquisite artwork and pose humbly before the rare 13th-century frescoes. Duck beneath the stone arches of Jewish Quarter and imagination yourself among medieval merchants. As the evening light fades, capture dramatic photos of Trani"™s ancient landmarks glowing under the sultry sunset.

Though the port city still trades in fish, salt, and olive oil as it did in medieval times, today Trani exudes laidback coastal vibes. Snap lively photos of gruff fishermen mending nets, unloading crates of writhing eels and pearly anchovies straight from the sea. Contrast a bright dress against the gritty harbor walls plastered with faded blue paint. Savor Puglia"™s fresh catch at a harborfront trattoria and trade laughs with local patrons at your table. Capture candid moments strolling the lungomare promenade hand-in-hand during golden hour.

Trani"™s most beloved tradition is the poetic marriage between land and sea celebrated each May during the Festival of the Patron Saint of Fishermen. Elaborate processions fill the streets as a jewel-adorned effigy of the Madonna is paraded through town on a ceremonial boat, accompanied by prayer and song. The sight of the Madonna "œfloating" through the old quarter at twilight, flickering candles illuminating her benevolent gaze, creates an atmospheric scene. Snap photos holding lanterns amid white fluttering banners inscribed with verses to the Virgin Mary that adorn the city like prayers manifested.

Snap Your Way Through Puglia: The 11 Most Instagrammable Spots in Italy's Stunning Heel - Monopoli's Coastal Allure

With its sweeping harbour views, ancient fortresses, and shimmering blue coastline, Monopoli beckons wanderlust-filled influencers seeking to capture its irresistible coastal allure on camera. As you meander along Monopoli"™s labyrinth of narrow lanes shadowed by stone houses draped in laundry lines, the sparkling sea springs into sight around every corner, tantalizing you with vistas begging for an impromptu photo shoot.

Strike a carefree pose along the marina promenade gazing out at the forest of masts bobbing gently in the harbor, with the majestic domed Cathedral of Maria Santissima della Madia rising behind you. Follow the call of circling gulls to find weathered fishermen hauling in the daily catch along the old harbour walls, buckets brimming with writhing eels, pearly anchovies, and crimson shrimp destined for local kitchens.

Leave the bustling port behind and head south, crossing the drawbridge spanning the castle moat to reach Borgo Antico's peaceful lanes canopied by grapevines. Here, whitewashed houses cluster beneath the weary watch of the 16th century Castle Carlo V, its turrets and parapets framing perfect sunset views over the Adriatic.

As you continue south along the palm-lined lungomare, the coastline becomes wilder and more rugged. Sheer cliffs plunge down to secluded coves that can only be reached by shimmying down vertiginous stone staircases. Strike a powerful pose against the windswept backdrop of Capo Sant"™Anastasia, its lighthouse standing sentinel over the crashing waves. Fellow influencers rave over the photogenic diversity Monopoli"™s dramatic shoreline offers. Fashion blogger Giada gushed "œI snapped so many incredible outfit pics in Monopoli. One minute I"™m posing languidly along sandy beaches with the breeze catching my maxi dress just so. Then I"™m channeling my inner daredevil, inching towards a cliff in stilettos for an exhilarating shot overlooking the sea."

Nature photographer Stefano was awestruck by the vivid sunsets over the Adriatic, saying "I captured phenomenal images of the sun dipping below the horizon as the vivid magenta sky was reflected in the glassy sea. The colors were unbelievable."

Follow the scent of salt and frying fish to find hidden local treasures like Cala Portavecchia, a fishing village seemingly frozen in time, where multi-colored dinghies line the pebbly shore. Gain a candid perspective on coastal life through lifestyle shots of sun-kissed locals loading crates of just-caught seafood that will be on dinner plates a few blocks away that very evening.

Monopoli"™s blissful beaches offer sun-soaked settings for fashion shoots and travel 'grams. Strike a breezy pose along the powdery sands of Costa Merlata, playfully sinking your toes into the sand. Contrast bright swimwear against the azure waters. Fellow influencer Chiara captured playful moments by the sea: "œSanto Stefano Beach was perfect for lifestyle shoots showing my girlfriends and I laughing together beneath our striped umbrellas. We sipped Aperol Spritzes and snapped carefree pictures of each other diving into the waves to cool off."

Get stunning travel pictures from the world's most exciting travel destinations in 8K quality without ever traveling! (Get started for free)

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