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'Posing with Possums: Down Under Adventures of Instagram Influencer Emu Emma'

'Posing with Possums: Down Under Adventures of Instagram Influencer Emu Emma' - Emu Emma Takes on the Outback

The Australian outback is one of the most iconic and rugged landscapes in the world. Known for its red earth, sparse vegetation, searing heat and unique wildlife, exploring the outback is the quintessential Australian experience. As one of Australia's top influencers, Emu Emma knew she had to tackle the outback for her fans.

Emma started her outback expedition in Alice Springs, the gateway to central Australia. From there she embarked on a guided tour through the MacDonnell Ranges, home to ancient gorges carved out by dried up river beds. Emma posed with wild dingoes and red kangaroos, captioning her photos "just hanging out with my Aussie mates!" She hiked through Simpsons Gap and explored the ochre pits where Aboriginal people have collected pigment for rituals for thousands of years.

No outback adventure is complete without visiting Uluru, the giant sandstone monolith sacred to the Anangu people. Emma watched the sun rise and set over the rock, highlighting its varying red hues. She also learned about Uluru's cultural significance on an Anangu guided tour. Emma trekked part of the 6 mile Base Walk around Uluru, photographing its caves and markings. "One of the most magical places on Earth!" she described.

Emma also spent time in Kata Tjuta, the majestic red rock domes near Uluru. She hiked through the Valley of the Winds, posing among the beehive-shaped formations. "The outback is out of this world!" she raved.

A camel ride at sunset provided the perfect photographic moment. Emma posed atop her camel with Uluru behind her, capturing the spirit of the outback. She also encountered wild brumbies, feral horses descendant from horses brought by Europeans. "Got to ride in style through this amazing landscape!" said Emma.

No outback road trip is complete without a stop in Coober Pedy, the opal mining capital of the world. Emma toured underground homes carved out of rock, providing natural air conditioning. She also tried her hand at noodling, searching for opals in mine dumps. Emma posed with kangaroos, emus and dingoes at the Australian Arid Lands Botanic Garden. "Had a blast in this quirky desert town!" she declared.

'Posing with Possums: Down Under Adventures of Instagram Influencer Emu Emma' - Hanging with Quokkas on Rottnest Island

No Australian influencer adventure is complete without a trip to Rottnest Island off the coast of Perth to hang with the island's most famous residents - quokkas! These super cute and friendly marsupials have become Insta-famous for their permanent smiles and willingness to pose for selfies.

As Emma arrived on Rottnest, located just a 30 minute ferry from Fremantle, she was delighted to spot quokkas straight away outside the main settlement area. One of the best parts about the quokka selfies on Rottnest is that the animals roam freely around the island and aren't caged or contained. This allows people to have natural interactions with them in their native habitat.

Emma wasted no time in snapping quokka selfies, gaining instant likes on Instagram. She was able to get up close and personal with the quokkas who were unfazed by her presence. Emma made sure not to touch or handle the wild quokkas, following best practice for ethical wildlife encounters. She also reminded her followers not to feed human food to quokkas which can make them sick.

In addition to quokka selfies, Emma explored the island by bike, stopping to snap photos with quokkas along the way. She pedaled out to spectacular beaches like Salmon Bay and Little Parakeet Bay. Emma posed with quokkas against the turquoise waters, showcasing the island's natural beauty.

Emma also captured artistic shots of quokkas foraging for food or resting under shady trees. She was impressed by their gentle, inquisitive nature. Her followers loved getting a glimpse into a day in the life of a quokka through her documentary-style shots.

Staying at the Rottnest Lodge hotel, Emma was also able to snap quokka selfies right outside her room in the mornings and evenings when they were most active. The quokkas"™ comfort around humans made Rottnest a one-of-a-kind place for incredible wildlife encounters.

Emma made sure to post captions educating her followers about quokkas' conservation status. Though the island population is stable at 10,000-12,000, quokkas are vulnerable on the mainland due to habitat loss and predators. Emma highlighted ways tourists can be respectful and help protect quokka populations.

'Posing with Possums: Down Under Adventures of Instagram Influencer Emu Emma' - Cuddling Koalas at Lone Pine Sanctuary

A must-do for any animal lover visiting Brisbane is cuddling koalas at the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. As the world"™s first and largest koala sanctuary, Lone Pine provides the rare opportunity to hold these iconic Aussie marsupials. Emma made sure to head to Lone Pine to capture the experience for her followers.

Koalas are listed as vulnerable, so the chance to observe them up close in a sustainable conservation environment like Lone Pine is special. The sanctuary is home to 130 koalas living amongst the gumtrees. Visitors can walk along designated boardwalks to observe the koalas napping or munching on eucalyptus leaves. Emma photographed wild koalas dozing in eucalyptus branches, showing their natural behaviors.

However, the signature experience is holding a koala for that coveted cuddle photo. The sanctuary carefully manages each koala, limiting cuddles to 30 minutes per day. Emma got her chance, posing with a koala hugged close to her chest. She described it as "œone of the softest, fuzziest creatures I"™ve ever held!"

The koalas seem entirely relaxed during the encounters. Emma learned from keepers that the koalas are hand-raised from when they are joeys, accustoming them to human touch. Their claws are also trimmed to prevent scratches. Still, Emma made sure to follow proper handling instructions, supporting the koala"™s backside while keeping her own grip gentle but secure.

After her own cuddle, Emma captured photos of followers interacting with koalas. She shared that "œgetting to see the pure joy on people"™s faces as they held a koala for the first time was so heartwarming!" The sanctuary keeps the encounters educational, with keepers providing info about koalas"™ unique adaptations and conservation needs. Emma emphasized that sanctuaries like Lone Pine provide specialized care koalas need while allowing controlled interactions that inspire visitors to support preservation.

Beyond koalas, Lone Pine is also home to kangaroos, wombats, emus, dingoes, Tasmanian devils and other native Australian species. Emma posed with a sleepy wombat and an energetic kangaroo joey. She also learned about the devastating impacts bushfires have had on Australian wildlife like koalas. Emma said the visit was a "œhumbling reminder that we get to enjoy these animals thanks to the hard work of conservationists."

'Posing with Possums: Down Under Adventures of Instagram Influencer Emu Emma' - Swimming with Sharks in Great Barrier Reef

While the Great Barrier Reef conjures images of vibrant corals and tropical fish, it is also home to larger, more formidable creatures like sharks. For adventurous souls, shark dives offer the chance to encounter these apex predators face-to-face in their natural environment. As Instagram influencers like Emu Emma show, shark dives make for epic underwater photo ops.

The Great Barrier Reef is considered one of the best places to cage dive with sharks, thanks to the diversity and abundance of species that congregate there. Grey reef, silvertip and tiger sharks are commonly sighted by divers. Seeing these impressive animals up close provides perspective on sharks' power and predatory role in marine ecosystems.

Unlike baited "shark feed" dives that lure in sharks with food, responsible shark dive operators in the Great Barrier Reef take divers to sites sharks naturally frequent. This approach lets sharks exhibit natural behaviors and doesn't condition them to associate humans with feeding. Some operators use bait boxes to keep bait further away from the cage.

Influencers like Emma who promote shark diving can raise awareness about the value of sharks to ocean health. As apex predators, sharks help maintain balance in marine food chains. Shark sightings also pull in tourism dollars for conservation. However, influencers should take care not to portray sharks as something to "conquer" by getting in the water with them. Respect for sharks' space and power is key.

For Emma, shark diving offered a thrill combined with a sense of awe about these creatures' adaptations, like electroreception that allows them to detect electric fields. She described a spine-chilling moment locking eyes with a curious tiger shark passing right by the dive cage. Yet she also appreciated witnessing sharks' grace and mentioned learning about threats like finning.

Beyond sharks, diving the outer Great Barrier Reef opens opportunities to photograph little-seen species that inhabit coral outcrops offshore. Emma captured shots of giant manta rays and the world's largest fish, whale sharks, drawn by plankton blooms. Seeing these iconic species made her shark dive even more memorable.

'Posing with Possums: Down Under Adventures of Instagram Influencer Emu Emma' - Camping in Kakadu National Park

Spanning nearly 12,000 square miles in Australia's Northern Territory, Kakadu National Park offers a wilderness experience like no other. As one of the few World Heritage sites recognized for both outstanding natural and cultural value, Kakadu lets adventurers discover Aboriginal rock art, wetlands teeming with birds and crocs, and diverse landscapes from Floodplains to ancient sandstone escarpments. For Emma and other intrepid influencers, one of the best ways to immerse in the magic of Kakadu is by camping under the Outback stars.

Camping in Kakadu ranges from pitching a tent at one of the park's over 20 campgrounds to joining Aboriginal-guided camping tours on Aboriginal-owned lands. Sleeping out in the open connects visitors to Kakadu's landscapes and wildlife. Emma camped riverside at Merl Campground, where she was lulled to sleep by the ripple of water on the rocks. She woke at dawn to the otherworldly cries of bush stone curlews echoing through the valleys. Emma remarked, "Waking up surrounded by these ancient landscapes was the perfect way to start my day's adventures in Kakadu!"

Another popular camping spot is Jim Jim Falls, reached by 4WD track deep in Kakadu's west. Here campers can cool off with a swim at the base of the majestic plunging waterfall. Emma captured artistic shots of Jim Jim Falls glistening under the sunset. She also encountered cheeky agile wallabies who joined her camping group for dinner. Emma reflected, "Falling asleep to the croaks of frogs and rustles of wildlife made me feel part of the ecosystem - a once in a lifetime experience."

For a true immersion in Aboriginal culture, Emma also tried a recreation of traditional camp lifestyle at the Manngarre rainforest walk. Her Aboriginal guide explained how to recognize bush tucker like yams and catch file snakes. They foraged for medicinal plants and created vibrant art with minerals. At night, Emma's guide pointed out constellations overhead and shared Dreamtime stories full of symbolism. Emma described this deep dive into Indigenous traditions as "humbling, opening my eyes to a 60,000 year old culture."

'Posing with Possums: Down Under Adventures of Instagram Influencer Emu Emma' - 4WDing Through the Red Centre

The Red Centre of Australia's Northern Territory contains some of the most rugged and remote landscapes on the continent. As Instagram influencers like Emu Emma show, the only way to fully experience the magic of the Red Centre is by embarking on an off-road adventure in a 4WD vehicle.

Tackling the awesome gorges, mountains, and deserts of the Red Centre by 4WD allows you to leave the main sealed roads behind and immerse in the raw Outback. Emma took on one of the most challenging 4WD journeys in the area - the Old Gunbarrel Highway. This iconic route runs from Alice Springs through the ruins of abandoned gold rush towns to Uluru. Emma described bouncing through deep red sand dunes and dry creek beds along the Old Gunbarrel. She captured shots of her 4WD surrounded by the towering rusty cliffs of the Finke Gorge National Park.

For Emma, the isolation of traversing these remote tracks miles from civilization was both daunting and liberating. She wrote on Instagram "Humbled by the rugged beauty of this landscape carved out over millions of years." However, she also emphasized the importance of proper 4WD training and preparation before venturing into such unforgiving terrain. Partnerships with experienced guides helped ensure her Red Centre 4WD expedition went smoothly.

The dramatic Kings Canyon Rim Walk provided another highlight of Emma's Red Centre 4WD journey. The only way to access Kings Canyon is by 4WD, with the last stretch on an unpaved road. Emma was grateful she had the right vehicle to tackle the sandy creek crossings on the access track. Once there, she hiked the breathtaking Rim Walk along cliffs towering 270 meters above the Garden of Eden oasis. Emma's 4WD offered front row seats to the changing colors of Kings Canyon at sunset.

4WDing also opened up Aboriginal rock art sites inaccessible by other means. Emma received permission to visit sacred art sites like Nourlangie Rock on an Aboriginal guided tour. Her guide explained symbolism in the art and history of these sites rarely witnessed by outsiders. Emma wrote "œ4WDing allowed me to learn about Australia"™s First Nations peoples and their unbreakable connection to this land."

'Posing with Possums: Down Under Adventures of Instagram Influencer Emu Emma' - Surfing with Dolphins on Australia's Gold Coast

The golden beaches and warm waters of Australia's Gold Coast are home to some of the most epic surf spots in the world, like Snapper Rocks and Duranbah. But what sets the Gold Coast apart is the chance to ride the waves alongside graceful bottlenose dolphins. Sharing the surf with these marine mammals creates a magical experience for board riders and wow-worthy content for influencers.

Seeing dolphins bolt through the surf zone or launch into the air encapsulates the thrill and freedom of ocean communion that draws people to surfing. The Gold Coast is one of the few places where close dolphin encounters happen regularly due to the unique coastal habitat. Here the Tweed River meets the ocean, creating an upwelling of nutrients that attract bait fish that dolphins feed on. Surfers get a front row seat to the dolphins rounding up bait balls into a frenzy.

Influencers like Emu Emma have captured stunning images riding waves shoulder-to-shoulder with dolphins at Burleigh Heads and Snapper Rocks. The curious dolphins even seem to watch and mimic surfers, sharing the stoke. For Emma, this dream scenario generated high engagement, with fans gushing over the lucky shots. She noted it was a highlight she'll never forget. "œShredding waves with my new dolphin pals was the ultimate rush and such a magical experience," she wrote. "œ10/10, would definitely surf with dolphins every day if I could!"

Beyond being photogenic, dolphins alter the waves themselves by transferring energy into the water. Their movements create new peaks, troughs and unified wave sets that savvy surfers can harness for long, smooth rides. The dolphins almost act like wave magnets, creating focal points of enhanced wave energy. Surfers describe these rare "dolphin waves" as the holy grail.

'Posing with Possums: Down Under Adventures of Instagram Influencer Emu Emma' - Posing with Wombats in Tasmania

The quirky, cube-shaped wombat has become an iconic symbol of Australia. While mainland wombat species like the common wombat and southern hairy-nosed wombat are under threat, Tasmania provides some of the best opportunities for up-close wombat encounters and photos. At places like the Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary near Hobart, influencers like Emma can pose with orphaned and injured wombats that act as wildlife ambassadors.

Emma described the wombats at Bonorong as "œadorably chunky and full of personality." Keepers shared how rescued joeys like seven-month-old Willow found new purpose through visitor interactions after losing their mothers. Yet Emma was also able to observe wombats exhibiting natural burrowing and foraging behaviors within large, open-air enclosures. She emphasized that sanctuaries focus on care, not entertainment or handling animals like props.

For a wild wombat experience, Narawntapu National Park in Tasmania"™s north offers free-ranging wombats accustomed to human visitors. Here Emma captured engaging photos of wombats grazing at dusk when they are most active. She was delighted by how close the wombats waddled to park guests, unfazed by their presence. Yet Emma still kept a respectful distance and used long lenses, not selfie sticks, to photograph the wildlife.

Beyond wombats, Tasmania draws influencers with its dramatic landscapes from Wineglass Bay to the rugged Cradle Mountain. Emma showcased the island"™s beauty by posing with crescent-shaped Stokell Bay behind her, framed by the orange and pink light of sunset. She also stopped by quirky attractions like the mural village of Sheffield, snapping photos in front of larger-than-life artworks plastered across buildings.

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